Our Vision



“Discipline is the first step to success”


  • Physically Fit
  • Mentally Alert
  • Morally correct
  • Socially Adjustable
  • Emotionally Controlled


  • Mission Statement :

When a child enters VIVEK VIDYALAYA, he / she joins a community of students who are :

  • Self learners & academically sound
  • Conscious of their role in society.
  • Confident, wholesome personalities with good communication skills.
  • Focused on career
  • Sensitive of performing Fine Arts
  • Keen on their physical pursuits.


  • Vision Statement :

Vivekians will :

  • Be professionally managed
  • Effectively integrate technology with curriculum
  • Encourage all round Academics, culture & sports

Have teachers as facilitators with high professional commitment; reinforced through regular Professional Development programs.